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The Queen's own Hussars Museum

1The Queen's Own Hussars Museum is a part of The Queen's Royal Hussars Collection which is a Charitable Trust (No 1077734).

2The Aim of the Collection is to "Educate the public and members of the Regiment and to promote military efficiency and encourage recruitment by public exhibition of the collection in a museum or museums ...and to conserve, restore ...and preserve objects in the collection".

3The Collection consists of:

The Queen's Own Hussars Museum. (Within the Lord Leycester‘s Hospital Warwick)

The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars Museum. (Within the Redoubt Fortress Eastbourne)

The Blackshaw Museum. (Within Athlone Barracks. Regimental Duty)

The Reserve collection at Home Headquarters.

The Regimental Historical Society, which is also "Friends of The QRH Collection"

Archives at various of the above sites for research and enquiry response.


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